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A look at our year on Condado De Alhama

2012 was a great year for Condado De Alhama, so many changes and improvements. Hundreds of new owners are now a part of our community and despite worries we now have enough facilities on site to never have to leave. Take a look back at our year and know that in 2013 the plans for Condado will make it even better.

In January 2012, we were talking about the Club House, wondering and worrying if we were ever going to have one. News came that IRM planned to move the old Polaris World office onto the golf course. It looked like this....


Now just one year later, it looks like this and sits proudly on the Jack Nicklaus golf course. Condado De Alhama now has a club house.



In February 2012. The much loved Clover Bar was opened under new management, thus giving birth to the privately owned Al Kasar commercial units and opportunities. IRM, the new owners of Condado De Alhama had purchased Al Kasar and intended to lease the units privately. Lynn and Neil peeled themselves away from the already operating Condado Club Sports and Social centre and began serving you in The Clover. Can you believe that was a year ago in February. Our resident real estate agent Rupert at Quality homes also opened his office to serve your real estate needs in Al Kasar, responsible for helping and representing many of the new businesses that opened during the year.

In March 2012, The Condado Club released their new look and new menu. After extending the kitchen and adding some colour, the old look of The Surgery..was gone. The Condado Club organized kids entertainment throughout all the school holidays, started their bike hire program and became the base for the kids and family entertainment throughout the year. The club run by Paul and Rachel is today, a friendly family cafe/bar and entertainment venue. After opening their new function room it is hard to beat their versatility.
In April 2012, Murcia was named the Top Global Property Destination in  the International Living Magazine.. and this kicked off the party season for the year and the good news kept coming. We were to get a Tapas Bar...Bokao begun construction, today a much loved tapa bar run by owner Julio. The food is excellent and Julio greets everyone with a smile.
April was a good month, another business signed up to join the community, The Ice Cream Parlour signed their lease and turned this...

Into this..



In May 2012, Condado De Alhama residents Brian and Helen Yeldon and Alysia Saunders worked very hard organizing the fund raising for the brain cancer charity, The Seve Balesteros Foundation gala day.

The community was showing great signs of growth, getting stronger in visitors and spirits were high.

In June 2012, La Cata joined the Condado family, a great addition to our facilities serving food all day and all night...open 7 days a week. A lovely family run restaurant. The excitement  of the approaching summer continues when Miguel Jimenez visited Condado to play a round of golf. The big street market returned to Condado and was billed as the BIGGEST market on the south coast. Too much news for June, it was a big month in Murcia and Condado.




In July 2012... The crowds had arrived and FIESTA was the big news. Organized by Mileniun Levante with a little help from a small committee..Condado was introduced to many locals who came to see what all the fuss was about.


It was clear by now, that 2012 was going to be the busiest summer in Condado History....

In August 2012, the number of visitors continued to swell and we had another addition to Al Kasar.. this time a Boutique. Carols gift shop and boutique opened with a selection of clothes, golf gear and house items, the community welcomed her with open arms, and next door to her a furniture store run by Paco Molino. The left side of Al Kasar is by now fully occupied by new business and Condado De Alhama was about to celebrate it´s best fiesta yet. Enjoyed by thousands. Al Kasar filled with Camels, ponies and stalls for our Roman Market Fiesta.

In September 2012, The Club House Bar and Cafe opens it´s doors to serve golfers.

More news of an ever expanding Al Kasar as The French Bistro signs their lease. We haven´t seen any start of their construction yet but I am sure they will be in next years look back. We introduced you also to all the children that live on Condado that were preparing for the coming school year in Murcia. Another sign, that Condado, our little village is growing.

In October 2012, The Mayor visits Condado for the official opening of The Club House, although it had been open for a little while the official opening with the Mayor brought a lot of news time attention on Condado.

For Halloween, all the businesses of Al Kasar got together with the help of Mileniun Levante to work as a team to bring Condado, the BEST and biggest Halloween Haunted party.



In November 2012, More great news..Condado De Alhama continued to grow and expand with the news that we would be soon home to an American Diner. Construction on this venue begun and is continuing today.

The Condado De Alhama entrance sign is lit up giving Condado a very impressive entrance...


Ending the year with a bang, the newest addition to Condado De Alhama is a well equipped gym located and open now at The Condado Club squash court area. You asked for it, and you got it. Run by James and Byron, its affordable and it´s open every day between the hours of 8am-10pm.

Looking back over our year on Condado I think we can all raise our glasses and say....


Happy New Year to you from us, and please join us this year in raising our glasses and dedicating a toast to Condado De Alhama. See you all in 2013 xx

Busier Than Ever Before On Condado de Alhama July 2012

Record numbers of visitors are arriving at Condado De Alhama every day. The resort has been busier in June than ever before with parking lots filling up all the time. This week, the English school holidays begin and then, we will see the resort as we never have before.
This past weekend at Al Kasar it was a fantastic feeling to see every bar and restaurant busy, every seat full and so many happy faces. Children playing, all nationalities enjoying a go at the water golf, a popular competition the Clover have been running to help raise money for our medical team training and to hear the music and laughter coming from inside the different venues as you made your way around.

What a difference a year makes. People attending the market from off the resort on Saturday nights stand at the entrance on Al Kasar and are amazed, not only by the beautiful surroundings but by the bars and restaurants available now that were not here last summer.

The golf club house is also coming along, although it does not look much different from the outside as they focus their efforts this week on glass…something that is hard to see in a picture.

This Friday at The Clover, there is a fun holiday disco, with Byron a great DJ and entertainer, the fun will start at 9.30 and go all the way to silly O clock.

Saturday night, back by popular demand we have Robbie James. Solo singer guitarist that can really entertain the crowds.

Stay in touch while you are on Condado by coming to one of the Clovers coffee mornings or afternoons for those that prefer a later start to the day. Wednesdays from 11am – 1pm and Thursdays from 4pm – 6pm. Come along, meet your neighbours and just enjoy….

Ladies, all the bars now have cocktail menus so you can enjoy your favourite cocktails now, the ice cream shop also prepare, alcohol frozen milkshakes that are well worth a try, if you fancy something sweet with no alcohol, try the frappelattes….tasty.

Fancy one of the best tapas in the area, Bokao are here to serve, with a beer and tapa only 1,85

There is so much going on it is hard to keep up these days, gone are the days when I have to drive around looking for news…now I just have to find the time to write it all up. Get out and about on Condado and ENJOY YOUR SUMMER on Condado De Alhama.

The sun is shining and the resort looks beautiful thanks to our excellent management team, Mileniun Levante, a team of people always willing to go that extra mile for the owners of Condado. Thank you to them for doing so much to spread the word of Condado and for working so hard with the fiesta committee and behind the scenes to make sure your summer 2012 will be one to remember.

Have fun in the sun.


Condado: One Stop Away From Everywhere

So you’re sitting at home dreaming about your next trip to Spain. For some lucky ones it’ll be Christmas, for others the summer of 2012. Either way it’s going to be great. And here’s one way you can make it really special.

In October, (where did that go?!) James and I jumped on a plane from Alicante heading to Barcelona. It only takes 55 mins, great ey!? No. For someone like me who hates ascending and then descending - it wasn’t the best as that is all you do, but at least it was quick – AND CHEAP! (You could also drive – it’s only 4-5 hours)

Because that is the best thing about Condado, our position couldn’t be greater, we are one stop away from some of Europe and Africa’s stunning places.

We synced our watches with some family of ours who made the trip with us from the UK, and managed to land around the same time. Next we took the Aerobus (5 euros return) straight into the heart of Barcelona. This was amazing.

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. I am not a city girl – I love the natural side of things, however, Barcelona is the most natural-est looking cities and atmosphere’s I know of. Immediately you feel a rush of architectural, street life and history all in one as you step off the bus. The shapes of the buildings, the attention to detail in the street signs and the mood of the inhabitants all contribute to one relaxed city.

We only stayed for 2 nights, but made the most of our only full day. Wanting to see everything, and not miss anything, we jumped on a red sight seeing bus. It only cost us 20 euro each for the day to explore three different routes, but with that 20 euro we could wander through Park Guell, have a tour of Barcelona F.C and have an ice cream on the beach. Where else can you do this?

Either way it was a trip not to forget. And the best bit? The holiday wasn’t over as our family followed us all the way back to Condado for the rest of the week. We flew with vueling.com who have very very cheap flights without the cattle herding, from Alicante to Barcelona Airport. It is only 1 hour by air from us guys, as is Madrid, France, and Morocco.

So, not only is Condado your holiday home from home. It can also be your base to travel the world. How lucky are we!?

Jet 2 the first airline to announce flights to Corvera Airport

Jet 2 have recently visited the new Murcia International Airport Corvera and met with the regional government to take a tour of the new facility. They have since announced on their website that they will begin to fly into Corvera airport in November 2012.  Although the airport will open before this date, Jet2  requested November as to allow for a smooth transition for it’s passengers by waiting till after the busy summer season.

Jet 2′s Ian Doubtfire, Managing Director said  ”We are very impressed with the user friendly airport facilities that have been built in Corvera and think it will be a very efficient airport when operational.  The regional government has promised to keep us updated on the continuing discussions with AENA and have ensured that there are no disruptions to any of Jet2.com’s scheduled flights to this important region.  In the meantime we anticipate our full operation to continue at San Javier and will ensure that there is a seamless transfer at the end of 2012.”

I am sure as the opening of Corvera draws closer we will hear many other announcements like this as other airlines follow suit.  Corvera airport is 20 minutes from Condado De Alhama making it the closest airport to the resort.


Paramount Murcia Video Presentation released.

What an exciting day for all of Spain, but even more so for Murcia. The plans, time plan and investment details are released in Madrid today and the long awaiting video presentation is in.. CLICK the video opposite to view right here.

In just three and a half years April 2015 if all goes as planned, the town of Alhama de Murcia will become a real movie set when it opens its doors of the Paramount Park complex and, the Life Style Center , in what will be the first theme park of this type in Europe. Once visitors cross the threshold into Paramount, everything will be a virtual dream in movie land.

The park is built around the Paseo and Paramount, as well as numerous attractions of all kinds, will have four themed areas. We start with the City of Aventura , featuring Mission Impossible , and, of course, Titanic , an attraction on all four cylinders!.The tour continues in the Far West , featuring many of the films of Paramount with 4D graphics, and enjoy attractions like the roller coaster Spirit of the West Mine. The next step would be wooded Fantasy , an area specially designed for children, who can practice magic or interact in The Spiderwick Chronicles . Occasionally there will also be a gallop of the Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow . The fourth area is Plaza Futura which will be devoted to science fiction, interstellar travel with the ship Enterprise in Star Trek.


The park will also have hotels, souvenir shops and restaurants, all themed to Paramount.

Paramount Park is complemented and completed by the Life Style Center, a large complex dedicated to the cultural, entertainment and leisure business. They will build  seven hotels and a great shopping and restaurant area, an exhibition and congress hall and an auditorium.

The total pricetag for the project is 1,093,800,000 euros, the park will occupy 550,000 square meters to which we must add the 1.03 million meters square for the Life Style Center.

The initiative for this project came from the Government of the Region of Murcia and the company Premursa (Murcianos Great projects) will be responsible for carrying it out.

The idea underlying this priority effort is to revitalize the region through increased tourism. They expect about three million visitors annually and will create 22,601 jobs directly and indirectly.

Like we said it is going to be an interesting winter… Smile, it´s all good.

What a Day at The Water Park!

If there is ever a time where you are stuck for things to do at Condado then take a trip to Murcia’s own Zoo with built in water park. Just 20 mins drive from Condado, it cost us 33 euros for a family of 4 and the best thing is you can go the next day for free, so if you’ve had too much fun for one day you can go home guilt free and return the next day at no extra cost.

There are things there to suit everyone. Crazy high slides for the over confident, slides that won’t raise your heart rate for the comfortably confident, the lazy river for the relaxer and the family pool for those you like to stay on ground. We had one of each on our trip and everyone was perfectly happy by the end of the day. With all our valuables safely in a locker we could all roam free within the water park just metres away from the sea lions. That was my favourite part, the water park was great but knowing that the animals of Africa were just round the corner was brilliant.

After eating our home made picnic in the family sheltered picnic area we made our way through the zoo to see animals such as zebras, lions, hippos, hyenas and sea lions roam in big wide spaces, by far the best habitations for these animals I’ve seen in any zoo. There was the option to swim with the sea lions for a little extra and after watching one family doing it I wish I had – what an amazing experience.

Next, the 40 degree heat got too much and after a well earned ice cream we returned to the lazy river. As far as queues go, we did all of our slides at the beginning of the day before most ventured to get out of bed and we didn’t need to queue at all – I would recommend this tactic, however they actually never got that long and it was a Saturday!

So my advice, pack a picnic, get there at opening (11am), get a locker, do all the slides, then just enjoy your day. It really is great.


Get your vouchers here along with all the information for the zoo and water park. http://www.terranatura.com/Eng/AquaMurcia/Ficha3.aspx?FrmCodA=6&FrmCodB=71&FrmCodC=130&FrmRegistro=1&fr




















Summer Rocks at Condado’s August Fiesta


Tonight marked the last night of Condado De Alhama’s two weekend Fiesta and what an amazing 6 days we’ve had. Friends, families, neighbours and guests all joined together on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a full days worth of entertainment. From treasure hunts to golf tournaments and aqua aerobics to camel rides, we’ve all been given the chance by Milenium Levante to join in anything that pleased us.

To sum it all up in one report there’s no better way then capturing the event in photos. The past weekend has been filled with smiles, little ones and big ones, as the crowds once again piled in for another Condado style party.

Sunday was undoubtably the most unmissable day in the schedule with our brilliant Medieval Market once again opening for the afternoon and evening, serving food, drinks, jewellery, homewares and jewellery as well as displays such as blacksmithing, donkey and horse rides, rabbits, micro pigs and geese. Photo opportunities were available with a very large owl just metres away from guests enjoying an atmospheric meal at our very own restaurant, which has not seen any dip in popularity since it reopened for the summer.

The golf tournament was first starting at 8, attempting to avoid the 40 degree heat. Next were the newly built French boules courts next to the football pitches, where a tournament was hosted till early afternoon. And nearby, after 2 days of practise and build up over 135 football players gathered for the long awaited football tournament. It consisted of 25 under 9’s, 75 between 10 and 14 years and 35 adults.

The party, however, only really started at 8 when the crowds all drew in to a packed in Al KAsar for the childrens dancing. Lots of littles ones have been practising religiously everyday at 6pm a set of 5 dances as well as making costumes and we were lucky enough to see this performed in front of hundreds at the big stage, Arabian style! Each performer received a goody bag filled with Spongebob treats.

Next was the sports awards ceremonies, beginning with football where each participant received one football each as well as a certificate and the champions of each age group were awarded their trophies. With claps and cheers in the background the celebration continued with the awards for the treasure hunt, boules and golf, great work by all.

But it wasn’t over yet – infact in true Spanish style it had only just begun and the band Back Water took over the stages lights for a couple of hours of classics. Everyone knew the words and it became a great opportunity to meet new people and simply celebrate the fact that we are all owners on the best resort around. And what better than to show off our true community-party spirit than to give the South Murcian area the best fireworks diplay they’ve seen. A special treat to the thousands gathered in Al Kasar as well as those celebrating in their own gardens it truly was a spectacular sight. Both Nica from Millenium as well as the closing band, Sharabia, ended the evening perfectly with shouting VIVA CONDADO DE ALHAMA, VIVA! As I am writing this now there’s still more down there all rocking to the hard rockers, Sharabia but we thought we’d share it as soon as possible with our great neighbours who haven’t joined us this week. Your resort is 5 stars, it will continue to grow, in size as well as in spirit and who knows what new things we could be celebrating by next fiesta. This event is seriously not to be missed. SO, as soon as we know next years dates they will be on here… condadodealhamaservices.com     …and your flights should be booked seconds after. Keep checking!

Thank you to everyone, owners, organisors, parents, participants, children, market vendors, and performers, but the biggest thank you goes to Millenium Levante, for selflessly organising this fiesta simply to raise awareness and positivity for our resort. They are located in Al Kasar, if your popping in – they are friendly, and love a smile… even if you just shout thanks I know they will appreciate it. It’s only gonna get better.
















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